What is the value of water to the common aussie? What happens to waterways when humans redirect the natural flow of water to suit suburban life? How is marine life affected by the pollution that is carried into the ocean from stormwater drains? We ask these questions with the broader metaphor in mind. Controlling these water systems to support a sense of comfortability is part of a greater conversation around climate change and human arrogance. Who owns the land beneath the surface? Is true democracy possible? And how can we as artists be part of a real solution? This work is influenced by Erwin Werm's one-minute sculptures, as a way to inhabit a space artistically, in relation to the body. What can we learn from holding stillness with an object? We also looked at where stormwater leads to. The animal life, and how we are porous animals ourselves, vulnerable and soft. Climate change should be an issue that evokes compassion. For other humans, for animals, plants, and we must recognise our priviledge.
The 11 minute performance-based video explores these themes through a series of gestures and movements. Like many of our collaborative works, our process involved filming each other exploring our immediate environment and responding to various urban and natural ecosystems.
Screenshots from video
Presented as part of Subjective Spectacle (2019-present)

Curated by Skye Gellmann. First hosted by Sidesault Festival.

Featuring artwork by: Kimberley Brewster, Naomi Francis, Lowana Davies, Mindy Davies, Skye Gellmann & Rockie Stone.

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