"Given the accelerating effects of environmental change, biodiversity loss, and rapid urbanisation, the concept of more-than-human cities has recently garnered much interest. However, urban governance practices in smart cities are still primarily driven by neoliberal and technocratic economic growth agendas. This study on Smart Urban Governance for More-than-Human Future(s), with three protagonist species/ecosystems, Koalas, Australian White Ibis, and Soil Ecologies, is a critical response to technocratic, human-centred, and capitalist modes of smart urban governance. The study critically reviews the selective blindness and ethical repercussions of a technocratic approach to smart urban governance, which largely reinforces human exceptionalism whilst omitting our entanglements with nature. Drawing on a diversity of more-than-human perspectives across the triad of data-driven technologies (smart), cities (urban), politics (governance), this study aims to reveal the untapped potential of more-than-human approaches in smart urban governance. More-than-human perspectives enable the study’s analysis to move beyond the centrality of humans in order to embrace the complex messiness of human-nonhuman lives and relationships. " (Sheikh, 2022)
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