Re:membering is a performative exploration of what we describe as the cactus in our bones by Umwelt Collective. A journey back in time through trans-generational trauma and an intimate study of how we cope with the ramifications of our histories and find hope in the present.

‘Touching. Emotive, visceral, an expressive outpour of real substance. Supportive, close, touching and inclusive. Warm, slightly tortured, interesting, pregnant with emotion’. - Marc Howard

‘This performance is truly a wonder and makes you reconsider the connections in your own life.’ - Joanna Letic, 4zzz Radio.

Umwelt collective is an experimental performance art collective creating work that sits at the cross section of installation, dance, physical theatre and digital art.

Merinda Davies - Creator & performer
Lowana Davies - Creator & performer
Tom Lyons - Composer & performer
Laura Jade - Lighting design
The Farm - Dramaturgy
Celia White - Dramaturgy
Anna Yen - Dramaturgy
Photography - Aaron Chapman (forest and studio) Tangible Media (theatre)

The creative development Re:membering has been supported by Regional Arts Development Fund, Gold Coast City Council in 2018 and Home Of The Arts (HOTA) creative development program in 2019.

To inquire about this performance project please email: 
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