recipe for a site-specific fragrance
- denatured alcohol 
- distilled water 
- apricot kernel oil 
- distilled fragrances or essential oils

- pipettes
- small spray bottles
- scale
- gloves
- viles
- funnel

1. smellwalk
2. map out the scents that stood out to you
3. consider the smells that lingered the longest in comparison to the short-lived odours that you experienced during your smellwalk. 
4. combine fragrant materials in a distillation device, place raw fragrant materials inside a vile and cover with denatured alcohol or mix your chosen essential oils in a separate vile.
5. Wait about 24 hours then give your extraction or mixture a sniff. 
6. If you are happy with the ratios or odours you smell, go ahead and dilute the fragrance. 
7. Option one: If you use essential oil, dilute your blend with apricot kernel oil (or an alternative neutral oil). I like to dilute mine 10/1. So for a 50ml fragrance, I would add 5mls of essential oil.
7.1. Option two: the denatured alcohol will have acted as a solvent on the selected fragrant material infusing the liquid with the scent of the chosen material. If you are happy with the scent, strain off the raw material and dilute the fragrant alcohol 10/1 with distilled water.
7.2. If you are distilling the raw material, either skim the oil off the top of the resultant distilled fragrance and add apricot kernel oil, or blend the fragrant water with denatured alcohol to preserve it (10 parts fragrant water to 1 part denat.alcohol). 
8. funnel your final fragrance into a spray bottle and enjoy it in whatever way you please. You may also like to create a title for your site-specific fragrance, and add some of the materials back into the bottle to remind you where the smell originated. ​​​​​​​
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