Using the medium of performance art, this piece documents my relationship with place and space through specific actions; stillness, repetitive washing, cleansing the body with dirt, and exploring different ways to negotiate the natural environment.
The idea of bathing in nature as a performance art piece is a reminder that humans need a regular dose of nature just as much as we need food, water, sleep, exercise and social interaction. While this may appear to be a simple act, practiced by many over the ages, establishing a true connection with the environment, with possessions completely absent, is somewhat anomalous in today’s fast paced world. Spending time in nature has become far removed from our daily lives. Yet research has revealed that immersion in nature has a profound effect on our physical and emotional well being. Nature heals us on many levels, including stress relief, aiding in the recovery of physical illness and dispelling depression (Kaplan & Kaplan, 1990). This research further begs the question, would a deeper connection with nature increase humans respect for the Earth?
Drawing on the pioneering biophilosopher, Jakob von Uexküll’s pivotal work ‘A foray into the worlds of animals and humans: with A theory of meaning’ and the Earthbody works by Ana Mendieta, this piece captures the way that the natural world brings clarity, truth and emotional connection for me. Nature is where I feel most connected to the world, it is where I find the greatest sense of umwelt. Through embodying these actions I invite the viewer to reconsider their relationship with nature
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