HUM(AN/US), 2022, single channel video 
Presented as a large projection at The Block QUT and Webb Gallery, QCA 
“We are all compost” - Donna Haraway

HUM(AN/US) explores a possible future multispecies wonderland for all. Fungal, feminist, feral, funky, fragrant, futuristic. HUM(AN/US) compose, decompose, ferment, and transform across a greenhouse, home to the Mycelium Scales of Justice. The odour of volcanic soil, from Davies’ birthplace, mixes with sweat, tears, blood, hair, and skin. It wreaks havoc on the reality of being a material human, vibrating with multiple living beings across the surface of a polycarbonate greenhouse. A controlled microclimate home to the wisest of us all... 
The work aims to capture a moving continuum of humans-humus. Utilising sounds, smells, and images that speculate a possible relationship between humans and soil. Where soil is wise. The story will follow bodies engaging with the ground through dance and gardening. Drawing upon past encounters with soil wisdom, Davies transforms and reframes the body to conjure a story of love and connection. A wish for future generations to compost collaboration and ferment feminisms that may take root in a present audience, and live on in memories that shape future worlds.

 HUM(an/US), Lowana Davies, 2022 screenshot from single channel looped video projection, L Davies The Block QUT ‘Smart Urban Governance For More-Than-Human Futures’ curated by Hira Sheikh, 2022, image © L Davies

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