My finished Mycelium Head, QCA Gallery 2022

expansion of fungal mycelium in the human body, Generative AI

Growing in process image

Mycelium is ecological connective tissue, the living seam by which much of the world is stitched into relation. 

— Merlin Sheldrake 

House of Mycelium is a multisensory installation dedicated to cultivating fungal relationships. As humanity faces the triple threat of climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecological collapse, [name redacted for blind review]’ piece seeks to reopen our imaginations to the possibility of mycelial ways of thinking and caring for one another on a damaged planet. The installation enacts a future imagined by participants during the first workshop, where political care for all species was guided by mycelium. Therefore, working with Reishi [31] (to create sculptures) – the mushroom of divine immortality, as co-creators and collaborators, she seeks to engage the senses and critical sensibilities in an intimate conversation with fungi.​​​​​​​
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