Smellwalks started with solo smellwalks across the Gold Coast that eventuated into an outdoor creative development at Southport CBD, between Lowana Davies, Tessa Bergan, Adrienne Kenafake in 2021.supported by Generate program,
Our experiments primarily concerned urban smellscapes, food, coffee, plants, and urban wildlife. Tessa Bergan, Adrienne Kenafake and I then created performative characters (‘Olfactory Agents’) who performed the key task of detecting smells on-site and guiding audiences towards social, political, and environmental odours that emanate throughout the urban locale. 

Smellwalks GC is an ongoing olfactory art X science community engagement project, workshop, and site-specific performance. The project is led by Lowana Davies and supported by Generate program, 
Images: Smellwalking, odour wheel making and site-specific scent development, HOTA Smellschool, 2021, supported by Generate program,, presented by HOTA, images credit Salvador Cantellano.
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